Air Purifiers

Did you know that indoor air contains 4x more pollutants than outdoor air? The air you breathe is filled with cigarette smoke, pet hair, TVOC and other indoor pollutants contributing to respiratory diseases and asthma. BPL Air purifiers use HEPA filters (as per Doctor’s recommendations) and keeps you away from all pollutants.

  • AP-01

    A plug in air purifier that works on negative ion technology – this will help you breathe pure air wherever you are.

  • AP-02

    A handy plug-in air purifier which is portable and can be used in desks, cubicles or at home. It works on negative ion technology and purifies the ...

  • AP-03

    AP-03 works on a 4-filter purification system with HEPA(High efficiency particulate filters). With pre-filter, active carbon and HEPA, it effective...

  • AP-04

    AP-04 is an efficient 6-layer filtration system that runs with HEPA (High efficiency particulate filters) which effectively means that it will remo...

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